Friday, March 4, 2011

And We're Off...

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog and I apologize, but we've been gearing up all of the lawn maintenance contracts before the Spring season kicked in.  It's amazing that each year, and I always try and prepare myself, but just when the season starts, guess what...repairs, repairs and repairs.

All winter we've been relaxing in commercial maintenance mode with residential maintenance running every other week.  Nice, quiet and on the down low.  But when March starts, everyone is wide open from the 1st day forward.  Fertilization programs start.  Pre Emergent need to be put down.  Turf Grass needs to be scalped to let the sun warm up the ground for grass growth.  Crape myrtle pruning is completed.  So on and so forth!

So just when we kick this bad boy in gear, I get the "Hey, we have a problem with Mower #6, deck belt broke, and we're stuck at property A".  That means, time to get the repair man involved, as well as start rescheduling those next customers.  Then it's, "Blower #3 is sputtering, we need another one".  Now mind you, these pieces of equipment had full maintenance done on them during the Winter relax mode slowdown, specifically to be ready to go at the start of the main season.  Remember the "Leo" blog?, that was relax mode!  Guess what!  SPRING IS HERE!

However, not all has been a bombshell.  Good news, we upgraded and introduced a new landscape software that overlays photos to help customers visualize a new look to their property.  Just to give you a little look, below is our 6 acre piece of property at the road front.  We want the Blossom Creek Nursery driveway to have great curb appeal.

 Current Picture

Future Look

My wife handles the design portion of our company.  It's funny.  She says "It's like shopping to me".  My job is to bring the prospects to her and she designs their requests and adds some flare to it.  It's scary the amount of business we've increased this year already by using a visual imagination presentation!  

So in the end, even though we're starting this year off like the famous "Secretariat", I can promise you that we will end this year like the famous "Secretariat"!   OH HAPPY DAYS!

Mr. Spartan


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