Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it Business or Pleasure?

So 3 years after starting my company, Spartan Lawn & Landscape, I'm finally getting around to start a blog!

Here's my question:  Should I talk about business topics and tips only?  Or mix it up and add personal experiences, as well?

My wife says to add some personal stuff "with limitations" obviously!  And my kids say "Dad, just blog something so that we can see it on the internet!"  Go figure, no substance from them, just facts!  ha!

So, I'll leave it up to the community.  Yes or No!

Let's get this thing going.

Mr. Spartan

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mr. Spartan,

    I say do a little of pleasure and business. People love to read about the business aspect, but having personal things on your blog adds a sincere approach. Sometimes, blogging about things in your personal life will keep visitors coming, even if they don't take a liking to the business aspect of blog. Good luck in the future!!!

    Best Wishes~
    Best Mom Ever